Riddex Plus, Pest Control Review

Riddex Plus, What Do Pests Think of It?

So I’ve seen the commercials on TV before but never thought much of it.  It seemed like a cool product, but I have never had to deal with any pests in my house.  Well a few months back that came to an end.  I was going thru the drawers in my kitchen and some of the papers in there look like they had been chewed up,” hmmm thats kind of strange”.  Then a few days after that I notice what looks like mice or rat poop on the floor, “GROSS!”  I look under the sink and sure enough, there is mice poop everywhere.  Now I’m really upset, what am I going to do?  Rat Poison? Mice Traps?  No I can’t use those I have cats (yeah I know they should have been my pest control) and a small child that gets into everything, so those were both a no go.  “Oh, yeah what was the commercial I saw on TV, Riddex? Let me look them up online.”  Sure enough I found them and placed my order.

So a few days later my package arrives and I couldn’t be more excited, the mice are still pooping and the cats are still doing nothing, but now I have Riddex on my team. Hopefully this works.  I set a few of these up throughout the house, and now all I have to do is wait.   So the next morning comes I hope out of bed run downstairs and check. What! I find a couple mice droppings, this isn’t good.  So I wait again, the next morning comes and I go down stairs again and sure enough there are a couple more mice poops.  Now I’m mad, I’ll give them one more day and then I’m calling Mr. Riddex and letting him have a piece of my mind.  Finally I go down and check on the third day, “hmm no poop! this is good” but I am still a little skeptical and wait a few more days.  Sure enough there have been no more mice droppings or any signs of mice at all.  So I have to say this thing sure does seem to work, I even gave one to my sister who was having the same problems in her house and now here pest problems are gone too.

Where to Buy?

Like most products it is always best to go directly through the seller, there are no middle man fees and it eliminates the chances of you getting one of those knock off products from China.  Believe it or not even big time stores like Walmart sometimes get fooled into buying fake products and most of the time never find out.

(Click Here) To Purchase From The Riddex Official Site.

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